Fingerfood & Dessert

There are three pro­duct groups among fin­ger food and des­sert: bre­aded prawns usually from Viet­nam, various ske­wers, clas­sic Asian Dim Sum, sweet and savory and Ita­lian ice cream from Gio­lito. Ever­yone finds some­thing of his taste here. Fin­ger food is pro­du­ced espe­ci­ally for us and con­vin­ces with its authen­tic fla­vor nuan­ces from the Asian kit­chen, our tra­di­tio­nal Ita­lian ice cream with real fla­vors and a mouth-wate­ring crea­m­i­ness. 


Whe­ther for cate­ring, buf­fets, ban­quets or Asian restau­rants: fin­ger food remains a great sub­ject. Our pro­duct range offers diver­si­fied Dim Sum, sweet and savory, impor­ted pri­ma­rily from Thai­land or Viet­nam. Various ske­wers com­plete our assort­ment tog­e­ther with dif­fe­rent sushi-types. We are con­stantly sear­ching for new spe­cial­ties and pro­du­cers to fur­ther­more improve our supe­rior assort­ment.

Fingerfood Prawns

Besi­des diverse prawns and prawn ske­wers we offer a wide range of bre­aded pro­ducts. You can find ever­ything from twis­ters or cigars to prawn pop­corn.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingnet weightWatch­list
prawns in crun­chy brea­ding59726/30
Bre­aded prawns "tor­pedo"68521/25
Bre­aded prawns "tor­pedo"67926/30
Bre­aded "but­ter­fly" prawns60331/35
Shrimp Twis­ter - prawns wrap­ped in potato3144abt. 25 g


Sate, pre­fer­a­bly char­coal gril­led with a deli­cate pea­nut sauce known from Thai­land or Indo­ne­sia, has become an all-time favo­rite in Europe just like the Japa­nese Yaki­tori. The assort­ment is sup­ple­men­ted by inte­res­ting vari­ants like vege­ta­ble ske­wers in tem­pura dough.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingnet weightWatch­list
Tem­pura prawn and vege­ta­ble ske­wer258030g /skewer
Tem­pura vege­ta­ble ske­wer312830g /skewer
Kai Satay and pea­nut sauce310240 ske­we­ren à 15g
Yaki­tori chi­cken ske­wer312225g /skewer
Chi­cken ske­wer mango314630g /skewer
Chi­cken ske­wer lemon­gras314730g /skewer
Chi­cken saté310330g /skewer

Dim Sum to fry and roast

The majo­rity of the clas­sic savory Dim Sum is made up of fil­led dough bags. The fil­ling can con­sists of all ima­gin­able types of fish, marine ani­mals or sea­food. Favo­ri­tes to fry are for example king prawn in crispy “Japa­nese” brea­ding, vege­ta­rian mini spring rolls or samo­sas.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingnet weightWatch­list
Spring roll „Shrimp“2564abt. 30g /pcs
Vege­ta­ble spring roll mini2594abt. 10 g /pcs
Vege­ta­ble spring roll mini2546abt. 10 g /pcs
Chi­cken spring roll3124abt. 20 g/pcs
Chi­cken spring roll260270 g/pcs
Cock­tail Sticks green curry with shrimp3140abt. 13 g/pcs
Cock­tail Sticks green curry with shrimp2549abt. 13 g/pcs
"Ente im Qua­drat"3105Spieße à ca. 50 g
Samosa „Sea­food“2568abt. 16 g/pcs
Samosa vege­ta­ble2725abt. 16 g/pcs
Sea­food Deli2573abt. 15 g/pcs
Wan­tan Holy Basil3123abt. 25 g/pcs
Eda­mame Rolls - Soja­boh­nen in Teig2530
Dim Sum ASIA mix „Bang­kok“27326x1 kg
Crispy Sushi roll gin­ger chi­cken2741abt. 100 g/pcs
Crispy Sushi roll teri­yaki chi­cken2743abt. 100 g/pcs
San­si­bar "Crispy Mix"2754

Dim Sum to steam

A gentle and healthy coo­king method is steaming. The typi­cal bam­boo bas­kets from the Asian steaming kit­chen are well known to most guests by now. We offer clas­sic vari­ants like Ha Kao and Shao Mai or varia­ti­ons like our cabbage rolls.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingnet weightWatch­list
Cabba­ge­roll2690abt. 30 g/pcs
Hakau vege­ta­ble314548-53 pcs
Shu Mai shrimp3157abt. 20 g/pcs
Shu Mai shrimp wrap noodle3150abt. 20 g/pcs

Dessert & Sweets

There is a con­ti­nuous growth in the popu­la­rity of our fruity-sweet Dim Sum vari­ants like banana balls in tem­pura dough or the temp­t­ing coco­nut balls, both to bake.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingnet weightWatch­list
Banana spring roll310060 pcs abt. 25 g
Tem­pura banana balls3134
Coco­nut balls (Kha­nom Tom)3111abt. 25 g/ pcs

Giolito ice cream specialties

The family-run Ghisolfi Gela­te­ria embo­dies real Ita­lian ice cream craft­s­manship. For the pro­duc­tion of the Gio­lito Gelati and Gio­lito Sor­betti the hig­hest requi­re­ments con­cer­ning qua­lity and craft apply. Only the best and fres­hest ingre­dients are uti­li­zed, the use of addi­tio­nal arti­fi­cial pre­ser­va­ti­ves and colo­ring is deli­ber­ately refrai­ned from. In coope­ra­tion with high-class patis­siers and well known chefs an exci­ting and varied diver­sity of milk ice cream and sor­bets is crea­ted. Gio­lito sets new stan­dards – it is a must try!

Milk ice cream creations

The pre­mium milk ice cream spe­cial­ties from Gio­lito stand out due to their ten­der taste and match­less creamy tex­ture. All milk ice cream fla­vors are made from fresh raw milk which is pas­teu­ri­zed direc­tly in the fac­tory.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingWatch­list
Cocco- Milk ice cream coco­nut3219500 ml
Cocco- Milk ice cream coco­nut32012, 5 l
Mas­car­pone é Tonka- Milk ice cream with tonka bean taste3237500 ml
Mas­car­pone é Tonka- Milk ice cream with tonka bean taste32072, 5 l
Panna e Amarena- Milk ice cream with saur cher­rys3221500 ml
Tor­rone- Milk ice cream with white nou­gat3247500 ml
Tor­rone- Milk ice cream with white nou­gat32622, 5 l
Vanig­lia- Milk ice cream with vanilla3220500 ml
Vanig­lia- Milk ice cream with vanilla32082, 5 l
Cacao- Milk ice cream with cho­co­late3297500 ml
Cacao- Milk ice cream with cho­co­late32132, 5 l
Strac­cia­tella- Milk ice cream with cho­co­late flakes3217500 ml
Cioc­co­lato bianco- Milk ice cream with white cho­co­late3242500 ml
Yogurt- Milk ice cream with yogurt3223500 ml
Noc­ciola- Milk ice cream with hazel­nut3226500 ml
Caffè- Milk ice cream cof­fee3227500 ml
Cioc­co­lato puro- lac­to­se­free ice cream with dark cho­co­late3231500 ml
Pist­ac­chio- Milk ice cream with pist­achios3263500 ml
Menta Cioc­co­lato Milch­eis mit Scho­ko­lade und Minze3246500 ml
Ama­retti - Milk ice cream with Ama­retti32592, 5 l

Sorbet creations

The delight­ful sor­bets with high fruit con­tent are a spe­cial treat even for sophisti­ca­ted users. Bet­ween the cour­ses, as des­sert or refresh­ment on hot days – Gio­lito sor­bet crea­ti­ons are bey­ond com­pa­ri­son when loo­king for refres­hing frui­ti­ness and a natu­ral fla­vor at the same time.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPacka­gingWatch­list
Ana­nas sor­betto- Pineapple sor­bet3218500 ml
Ana­nas sor­betto- Pineapple sor­bet32002, 5 l
Man­da­rine sor­betto- tanga­rine sor­bet3268500 ml
Man­da­rine sor­betto- tanga­rine sor­bet32672, 5 l
Mango sor­betto- Mango sor­bet3230500 ml
Mango sor­betto- Mango sor­bet32112, 5 l
Lam­pone sor­betto- Raspberry sor­bet3244500 ml
Lam­pone sor­betto- Raspberry sor­bet32392, 5 l
Mir­tillo sor­betto- Blu­e­berry sor­bet3225500 ml
Mir­tillo sor­betto- Blu­e­berry sor­bet32102, 5 l
Piña Colada- Pineapple sor­bet with coco­nut and rum3233500 ml
Piña Colada- Pineapple sor­bet with coco­nut and rum32032, 5 l
Mojito sor­betto-Lime sor­bet with rum and mint3235500 ml
Mojito sor­betto-Lime sor­bet with rum and mint32052, 5 l
Mora sor­betto- Black­berry sor­bet3245500 ml
Mora sor­betto- Black­berry sor­bet32152, 5 l
Limone é Basi­lico sor­betto - Lemon sor­bet with basil3248500 ml
Limone é Basi­lico sor­betto - Lemon sor­bet with basil32612, 5 l
Limone sor­betto- lime sor­bet3224500 ml
Limone sor­betto- lime sor­bet32092, 5 l
Ribes rosso sor­betto - Red cur­rent sor­bet3234500 ml
Ribes rosso sor­betto - Red cur­rent sor­bet32642, 5 l
Lem­mon sor­bet with wodka3222500 ml
Cin­am­mon sor­bet with wodka32062, 5 l
Limon­cello di Sor­rento sor­betto32492, 5 l
Fra­gola e Fra­go­line-straw­berry sor­bet3279500 ml
Mela verde sor­betto- green apple sor­bet3240500 ml
Fra­gola sor­betto- straw­berry sor­bet32602, 5 l