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Black tiger prawns HLSO easy peel Gourmaitre684313/1510x1 kg
HP lobs­ter leg meat1962227 g12x227 g
HP split lobs­ter gutted19082x200 g6x400 g
HP split lobs­ter gut­ted in retail packing19052x150 g6x300 g
MSC Scallop pre­pa­ra­tion with added water, roe-off, iqf2101410/2010x1 kg
Pike­perch fil­let skin on iqf1097120/170 g5 kg
Rock lobs­ter tails shell on raw1945560/ 680 g4x4, 54 kg
Smo­ked atlan­tic sal­mon fil­lets pre-sli­ced skin off27506 kg, 9-1, abt. 010 Sei­ten