Get to know our com­pany bet­ter. Learn more about our history, range of ser­vices, qua­lity stan­dards and career oppor­tu­nities in a gro­wing business.


Hamburger Feinfrost was estab­lis­hed 1982 as sub­si­diary of Gott­fried Fried­richs KG (Erst Han­sea­ti­sche Fein­fisch Manu­fak­tur). 2001 the com­pany was absor­bed by Alto­naer Kaviar Import Haus to even­tually pass into owners­hip of the Fri­sche­Pa­ra­dies-Group. 2018 it was inte­gra­ted in the Trans­gour­met Deutsch­land GmbH & Co. OHG. Over the years HAFRO was able to build a repu­ta­tion as a qua­lity-con­scious importer for sea­food spe­cial­ties. Addi­tio­nally other inte­res­ting assort­ments were deve­lo­ped. At first through long-term coope­ra­tion with sup­pliers in Thai­land and Viet­nam, Asian fin­ger food and Dim Sum was intro­du­ced to the Ger­man mar­ket, fol­lo­wed by the extra­or­di­nary gelato from Gio­lito. With strong part­ners behind us, we see our­sel­ves as one of the most reli­able sup­pliers wit­hin the indus­try and we want to deve­lop dyna­mi­cally and con­ti­nuously for years to come.


HAFRO is a modern and agile com­pany. Our employees are devo­ted to sea­food spe­cial­ties and obtain a tre­men­dous expert know­ledge. The long-term, trust­ful rela­ti­ons­hips to our sup­pliers and a strict ori­en­ta­tion towards the diverse expec­ta­ti­ons of our cus­to­mers enable us to offer con­tem­porary and sui­ta­ble solu­ti­ons in the world of fro­zen foods.


Espe­cially when it comes to sen­si­ble pro­ducts like fish and sea­food enjoy­ment only deri­ves from qua­lity. We are happy about great achie­ve­ments: with our fro­zen home brand “Hafro” we gene­ra­ted a good repu­ta­tion in a short period of time and with our “Gas­tro Star” fin­ger food and dim sum pre­mium pro­ducts we were amongst the first intro­du­cing Asian fin­ger food to Euro­pean mar­kets. Appre­cia­ted alike is our brand, which: “Gour­maître Deli­ca­tes­sen” stands for reli­able qua­lity at an afford­a­ble price. We are hono­red by that, since the praise comes from the hig­hest level – from our cus­to­mers. They unite in one thing: they are pro­fes­sio­nals appre­cia­ting qua­lity, pro­duct safety and a con­clu­sive cost-bene­fit ratio.


We see our­sel­ves as part­ners of our cus­to­mers. That is shown spe­ci­fi­cally in ful­fil­ling their wis­hes. As a mat­ter of course we enable indi­vi­dual cali­bra­ti­ons and por­tio­ning or we sup­port our cus­to­mers with their dis­po­si­tion of goods and wareh­ousing. On demand we source pro­ducts that are hard to pro­cure, orga­nize pri­vate label pro­duc­tions accord­ing to cus­to­mers’ spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons. Accord­ing to the need we import and we deli­ver „just in time“. We are more than just importers with a wide pro­duct range. We are a com­pe­tent ser­vice pro­vi­der. We know that the suc­cess of our cus­to­mers also depends on their abi­lity to act towards latest trends and having their requi­re­ments rea­li­zed. That exactly is our most important task. Ulti­mately an opti­mal cus­to­mer ori­en­ta­tion is the base of our own success.

Jobs & Career

Since the estab­lish­ment in 1982 Hamburger Feinfrost built a repu­ta­tion as a qua­lity-con­scious importer for fro­zen sea­food spe­cial­ties. With our inno­va­tive as well as our clas­sic assort­ment we delight our cus­to­mers in the areas food ser­vice, gro­cery retail, cate­ring and indus­try. To be able to cope with the con­ti­nuously gro­wing demands even bet­ter, we are always inte­res­ted in sup­port for our team. Please feel free to apply gene­rally or for one of our vacant positions.