We import clamps, snails, squid and sea­weed from coun­tries all over the globe. We offer pro­ces­sed pro­ducts and pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for any taste, whe­ther it is squid tubes from Spain, Goma Wakame from China, green shell mus­sels from New Zea­land or octo­pus from Morocco. Frutti di Mare for the Medi­ter­ra­nean cui­sine must not be missed.

Squid & Seafood Mix

Squid rings, tubes or sim­ply clea­ned are usually impor­ted from Asia or from the Ibe­rian Pen­in­sula. Bes­i­des the natu­ral pro­ducts we also offer brea­ded pro­ducts. Frutti di Mare com­plete the assortment.

Squid & Cuttlefish, whole animal

The cepha­lo­pods are offe­red clea­ned and uncleaned

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Pata­go­nian squid, whole, block frozen14604L= 12-14cmabt. 10 kg
Pata­go­nian squid, whole, iqf14614L= 12-14cm12x1 kg

Squid Tubes

Squid tubes are essen­tial import arti­cles. Mostly Illex argen­ti­nus, Ommast­re­phes bar­t­ra­mii and Todar­o­des paci­fi­cus are pro­ces­sed and impor­ted from Spain or China.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Squid tubes block frozen140521/406x2 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1401U/510x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1403U/1010x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1410U/510x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1411U/1010x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1406U/ 510x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1407U/1010x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1408U/510x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1409U/1010x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1491U/510x1 kg
Squid tubes, iqf1402U/1010x1 kg

Squid Tubes, Stripes & breaded Squid

Bes­i­des squid tubes there are fur­ther pro­ces­sed sta­tes. Natu­ral squid rings or Cala­ma­res Romana are our main articles.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
"Squid Frit­ters" brea­ded squid stripes12026x1 kg
Cala­ma­res Romana15084x2 kg
Squid rings14778x1 kg
Squid rings natural14701x11 kg


Octo­pus or Pulpo enjoys great popu­la­rity in the Medi­ter­ra­nean and South Ame­ri­can cui­sine. Our Pulpo gene­rally comes from Morocco or Portugal.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Octo­pus in tray1457abt. 1 kg10 kg
Octo­pus in tray1451abt. 2-3 kg12 kg


Frutti di Mare and sea­food mix is eit­her mixed in Europe or impor­ted directly, princi­pally from Viet­nam. It is an essen­tial arti­cle for pizza, pasta and paella.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Frutti di mare raw1650310x1 kg

Mussels & Snails

Mol­lusks are very tas­te­ful but also sen­si­ble orga­nisms. Fro­zen sea­so­nal avai­la­bi­li­ties, qua­lity dif­fe­ren­ces and the risk of dete­rio­ra­tion can be avoided. From North Ame­rica we import pre­do­mi­nantly scallops, offe­ring them pri­ma­rily as meat with or without roe. Mus­sels in various pro­ces­sed sta­tes as well as the green shell mus­sel from New Zea­land are always available.

Scallops & Scallop Meat

Scallops are an all-time favo­rite in the haute cui­sine. We obtain them from various ori­gins in diverse sizes, also unpro­ces­sed and certified.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
MSC Scallop pre­pa­ra­tion with added water, roe-off, iqf2101410/2010x1 kg
MSC Scallop pre­pa­ra­tion with added water, roe-off, iqf21015U/1010x1 kg
MSC Scallops roe-off, iqf, Gourmaitre21013U/1010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf2095U/1010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf209710/2010 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf205710/2010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf208880/12010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf, Gourmaitre20953U/1010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf, Gourmaitre21003U/1210x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf, Gourmaitre2084310/2010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf, sea fro­zen, che­mi­cal free209910/2010x1 kg
Scallops roe-off, iqf, sea fro­zen, che­mi­cal free208120/3010x1 kg

Clamps & Snails

Green shell mus­sels and mus­sels are avail­able coo­ked as a whole, half-shell or as mus­sel meat.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Green shell mus­sels half shell207530/4510x1 kg
Green shell mus­sels half shell207230/45
Mus­sel meat cooked2060300/50010x1 kg
Mus­sels cooked252560/805x1 kg
Mus­sels in half shell206140/608x1 kg

Salads & Preparations

Salad-like pre­pa­ra­ti­ons based on sea­food are a trend from Asia which is estab­li­shing on the Euro­pean mar­ket. Pro­ducts like Goma Wakame and Chuka Ika (squid salad) are a major fea­ture not just in the Japa­nese kitchen.

Salads & Preparations

Goma Wakame with the deli­cate sesame fla­vor and its deep green color is impor­ted from China. Chuka Ika squid salad ser­ves as a spe­cial treat on every fish counter.

NameArti­cle no.Sor­tingPack­a­gingnet weightWatch­list
Chuka Ika-Squid salad with bam­boo sprout2790
Goma Wakame- Sea weed salad2792
Goma Wakame- Sea weed salad2791