Wolfgang Weyer


Fish business = fast business

After finis­hing my appren­ti­ce­ship to be an indus­trial busi­ness mer­chant at the Hols­ten bre­wery I have been working in fro­zen goods who­le­sale for more than 35 years – since 2007 in the sea food indus­try. Com­mon for a Han­sea­tic mer­chant sales and nego­tia­ti­ons are my daily busi­ness. I know the pri­ces and I am well con­nec­ted to the mar­ket. If you want sound custo­mer ser­vice and do good busi­ness I am the right per­son for you. Besi­des fish (pre­fer­a­bly pre­pa­red on my plate) I am inte­rested in youth work sup­por­ting a hand­ball team and working in my gar­den. After my reti­re­ment I also want to do com­mu­nity ser­vice at a food bank to still work with gro­ce­ries and do good at the same time.


  • +49 40 399 292 623

  • wolfgang-weyer@hafro.de