Swetlana Kupermann


The future depends on what you do today. - Mahatma Gandhi

I have been working for HAFRO since 2002. At first my tasks invol­ved packing, label­ling and order pro­ces­sing. With the time my set of tasks grew to an extent where I am invol­ved in most pro­ces­ses in our ever­y­day busi­ness. I am some­what the con­sci­ence of our team. Wha­te­ver I do, I do it tho­roughly, reli­ably and respon­si­bly. Qua­li­ties I do expect from the people I work with and that I highly appre­ciate. When at the end of the day pri­ces are updated, mista­kes eli­mi­na­ted, bills che­cked, spe­ci­fi­ca­ti­ons defi­ned, labels prin­ted and youn­ger col­leagues are given a chewing out, I can go home to my won­der­ful family. I spend the grea­test time with them, they empower me with the strength I need.


  • +49 40 399 292 0

  • swetlana-kupermann@hafro.de