Jonas Scheurer

Sales and Export

Eating and feeding can be worlds apart.

I love gro­ce­ries. As a trai­ned chef in good restau­rants I know what tas­tes good, how it has to be pre­pa­red and whe­ther some­thing is gas­tro­no­mi­c­ally valu­able. As much as I like coo­king, I like eating and as much as I like eating I like tal­king about the pro­ducts. The­re­fore I find great joy in custo­mer ser­vice and I can pro­vide sound infor­ma­tion about those pro­ducts in nee­ding an of explana­tion. since I had them all 😉 At Hamburger Feinfrost I am in charge of custo­mers in other export to mostly European coun­tries and also par­ti­ci­pate in our natio­nal sales activi­ties. as well as in natio­nal sales. I like com­mu­ni­ca­ting and I do it a lot.  and I am often found at rele­vant trade fairs. To me it is important to create long-term and per­so­nal rela­ti­ons­hips to my busi­ness part­ners to be able to pro­vide excel­lent ser­vice.


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