Iryna Anders


Life is like a bike. You have to move forward to avoid loosing your balance. - Albert Einstein

I have always wan­ted to study Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion and finally mana­ged to reach my goal by gra­dua­ting as a Bache­lor of Sci­ence, at Ham­burg Uni­ver­sity. The pro­gram was fasci­na­ting and chal­len­ging all the way and I could not wait to start using my know­ledge. I suc­cess­fully app­lied for a job at Hamburger Feinfrost GmbH and gut the job. Now I am taking my first steps into a pro­fes­sio­nal car­rier working in the back office. The job is inte­res­ting and rewar­ding and there is a lot to learn. Bes­i­des Ger­man, I am flu­ent in Rus­sian, Ukrai­nian and Eng­lish which is of great help in our inter­na­tio­nal busi­ness. To relax from work I love to swim, read books and play the piano.


  • +49 40 399 292 633

  • iryna-anders@hafro.de