Elias Argyrakaros

Dual Stu­dent

There is no one who does not eat and drink, but just a few who appreciate the taste. - Confucius

Born and rai­sed in Ham­burg waters was always close by. No won­der I grew an inte­rest in fish espe­cially after my father picked up recrea­tio­nal fishing. It surely left it mark on me. Valuing fish as an ani­mal and pro­duct and a gene­ral pas­sion for pro­duce, is basis for my pro­fes­sio­nal car­rier. I want to make it int the food industry.

After a few years working in the food ser­vice sec­tor qua­lity and taste are no for­eign words to me, they are basis for my choice of foods. My appre­cia­tion for qua­lity food­s­tuff even grew when I star­ted stu­dy­ing food-manage­ment in a dual pro­gram. I am proud and happy to be able to work at Hamburger Feinfrost hand­ling pro­ducts I value in a respon­si­ble manner.


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  • elias-argyrakaros@hafro.de